Art at Cliclab: Compass by Ademola Falomo

Last October 19th, we presented Compass, an exhibition by @ademolafalomo that consisted of a set of cohesive imagery conveying emotions represented by a collection of sound.

The exhibition told a universal story that has captured hearts worldwide. It’s a tribute to the quest of finding serenity, amidst chaos. The photos portrayed were taken at different geographical locations including Lagos, Accra and Barcelona. Compass took viewers on a journey of peak creativity and intentionality and guides its recipients into real life stories as each image comes alive to dance to its attributed music.Each photography piece weared a soundtrack to it; containing music from BenjiFlow, Deezy, Jimmy Bones, Korede Bello, Mr Eazi, Odunsi (The Engine), Yimeeka and YKB.

The presentation was followed by a Closing Party the November 2nd where, surrounded by the exhibition, music was played by a lineup of DJs: DJ Imani, DJ DeezyNTD and Ademola Falomo himself.

Ademola Falomo’s objective was to be able to create and creatively direct in all spheres with design , fashion , music, film. In his words, during the exhibition: “The tactile nature of these analog creations resonates with a yearning for connection and authenticity in an increasingly digital world. It also presents itself as a stepping away from digital film and the somewhat imposing nature of implied storytelling which I am used to, an ambiguous art style which leaves room for continuous interpretation depending on who is looking at the images at the exhibition.”

10 photos of different locations were portrayed in Ademola’s exhibition

Ademola Falomo studied International Business in the UAE and learned to apply its idiosyncrasies in the field of filmmaking. This is why the Nigerian film director and visual artist stands out in the rather saturated industry of filmmaking on the continent.

Born to parents from Osun state, South-western Nigeria on the 3rd of November, Ademola is popular to have worked with the biggest names in the African music scene in less than a decade of being active including Davido, Mr Eazi, Tems, Boj, Cruel Santino, Nasty C and a long list of others. However, he steals more spotlight for himself for being one of the pioneering and most important people in Nigeria’s Altè scene; having directed the most important videos of renowned creators in the scene.

Beyond music, Ademola has credits for documenting even more important African fashion and lifestyle stories including film projects with Puma, Nike, Martell, Jameson, Ashluxe to mention only a few.

We want more exhibitions like Compass in our space. And indeed, more artists like Ademola Falomo.

That’s why in the next few weeks we will open ClicArt Call for Projects, where we will look for different art projects that want to use our space. Pay attention to our social media for it!