The best way to train your attitude and emotional intelligence
In companies & in our spaces​

Corporate Attitude Gyms

In Company Gyms to train the coprorate attitude of employees and employers: leadership, teambuilding, communication, innovation, change management, mindfulness, and much more!

Innovation Gyms

In Company Gyms to train hard and soft skills to be the best innovative team: creativity,design thinking,serious games, intellectual property management, intrapreneurship, business strategy,sustainability and much more!

Emotional Gyms

In Company Gyms to train the emotional intelligence: empahty, self-awarness, self-regulation, motivation, social skills and much more!


Learn the best knowledge and competences!
In companies & in our spaces​


Learning by Curosity:
Courses, lecturers and seminars about innovation, social impact, internationalization, sustainability, business strategy and much more!


Learning by Doing:
Intensive and specific trainings to prepare and put in practice the knowledge learned and your sills!

Experience Activities

Learning By Enjoying:
Open your mind, choose your best attitude and prepare yourself to experience other way to learn you will never forget!

Innovation & social Impact

Improve your innovation strategy and increase your social impact
For companies and entities​

Innovation Mangement

Outsoourcing innovation activities:
Innovation strategic plans,, IP and licensees, buisness cases...

Funds and Internationalization

Support in international projects:
Preparing EU and international grants, looking for parnters to create consortiums, rising private funds...

Impact & Sustainability Assessment

Reports and Executions:
Cuantification of Social Impact by SROI analisys, design of sustainability and exploitation plans...


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Events & Networking

Meet new people, share your experience and create new business opportunities!

Co-creation Labs

Important challenges to be solve?
We know the best way to solve the world challenges is by improving collective intelligence and collaborative economy

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