Our collaborative projects


October 5, 2023

Collaborative projects are research or development initiatives between two or more partners. These can be from the business and public spheres. Today, everyone must have innovative capacity and be able to obtain results that are ready to be presented to the market as a product or service.

At Cliclab, we are a team of experts always willing to join together and give life to these types of projects: from health to technology, from the arts to networking; always focused on innovation and a deep social impact.

These are a few of the collaborative projects we have worked on.

The MUSA project seeks to make visible the value of the arts as vehicles to achieve an effective impact that provoke social changes and modifies the perspective that society and individuals have constructed regarding the health problems they suffer. Its main results seek guidelines and training tools to carry out rigorous translations from science to art and vice versa; as well as the creation of MUSA network, for the collection and dissemination of artistic products that aim to provoke social changes and offer a space for dialogue and material for the training of research and arts professionals.

IMPROVA, for its part, is a modular eHealth intervention platform focused on the promotion of mental health and early detection in secondary schools across Europe. It is a project that empowers teenagers and families to make better decisions regarding their mental health and provides schools and the community with tools to achieve a society with less stigma.

We collaborate on this project with a 360º evaluation of the program: from its effectiveness, implementation and SROI analysis (Social Return on Investment Analysis).

We are also part of CLOSER, a consortium dedicated to studying and making recommendations to improve the diagnosis and prognosis of children with leukemia in Latin America, thus reducing the survival gap between Europe and this region.

Our contribution in this consortium is focused on the communication and dissemination of the project, the design of an exploitation and sustainability plan, as well as the SROI analysis.

Similarly, in DISCOvERIE, a project that aims to provide a better understanding about IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and comorbidities and their risk factors, as well as develop a personalized medicine solution to the problem by providing a clinical characterization and Comprehensive psychosocial of patients with IBS.

The role we had in this case was to help in the organization and strategy, the implementation of social impact activities, SROI analysis, exploitation strategy, business development and planning support personnel, in addition to the organization of international research events. 

Another of the collaborative projects dedicated to health in which we have participated is Share4Rare, a collective awareness platform for patients, caregivers, researchers and other interested parties involved in the healthcare of rare diseases. This platform is based on a socially innovative approach, citizen science and collective intelligence.

Here we also design the project’s exploitation and sustainability plan, as well as carry out the SROI analysis and participate in communication activities.

In the same area, we participated in MyHealth, which aimed to improve access to healthcare for vulnerable immigrants and refugees (VMR) recently arrived in Europe, through the development and implementation of models based on the knowledge of a European multidisciplinary network.

In this case, we carry out a 360º evaluation of the program: from its effectiveness, implementation to the SROI analysis of the project.

If you want to know more about the collaborative projects in which we have participated, click here to see our portfolio.


COMPASS: The Exhibition by Ademola Falomo. The Closing Party.

Come experience COMPASS: The Exhibition, an art showcase by filmmaker and artist Ademola Falomo that breaks boundaries. At its core, ´COMPASS´ tells a universal story that has captured hearts worldwide. This exhibition is a tribute to the quest of finding serenity, amidst chaos.

Don´t miss out on the last chance to enjoy COMPASS photographies, short-films and to talk to the artist about it´s creation.

Clic here to join the event.


Social impact, obligation or commitment?: Beyond words, real cases that are leading the change in technological innovation with impact.

We start 2024 with a new series of “round tables”!

On this occasion we invite you to a debate about social impact.

At Cliclab, we want to deepen and debate the importance of our activities, and how we transform ideas, projects, companies around the impact they generate on society. We will also talk about the sustainability of that impact through the environment, the economy, and the social sphere.

Likewise, we want to promote connections between sectors, origins, jobs, etc. Therefore, the round table will be followed by a networking cocktail.

The event will take place on February 8 at 6:30 p.m. at our headquarters
(Carrer Llibertat, 11).