Communicating with impact


June 5, 2024

Communication is the most effective way that humans make connections, develop relationships, share information and ideas, and build trust.  

If we transfer this into the corporate environment, a big part of generating impact comes with the right communication. Communicating with impact is considering your audience, the information you want to share and the best way to share it to ensure that the message is understood and, most importantly, inspire action.  

We have some advices for a good communication with impact!  

To start, it’s important to know by heart what the action is before communicating it. Once you know what you are doing it, the audience will know.  

After that, it’s important to follow these three rules:  

  1. Be clear: It’s important to be accesible, meaningful and easy to understand.  
  1. Be real: An authentic, credible and likeable message will always be relevant. 
  1. Be interesting: with a clear and real message, it’s important to also grab the attention of the audience.  

Knowing this, it’s important to also take into account that the most effective communication comes with a combination of visual, verbal, literal, and visceral content that articulates a focused and compelling multi-sensory message. How a message appears conveys just as much as what the message says. 

Last month, in Cliclab we discussed the importance of impact and communication in an event in our offices the 21st of May. Check our social media to know more about this event!


COMPASS: The Exhibition by Ademola Falomo. The Closing Party.

Come experience COMPASS: The Exhibition, an art showcase by filmmaker and artist Ademola Falomo that breaks boundaries. At its core, ´COMPASS´ tells a universal story that has captured hearts worldwide. This exhibition is a tribute to the quest of finding serenity, amidst chaos.

Don´t miss out on the last chance to enjoy COMPASS photographies, short-films and to talk to the artist about it´s creation.

Clic here to join the event.


Social impact, obligation or commitment?: Beyond words, real cases that are leading the change in technological innovation with impact.

We start 2024 with a new series of “round tables”!

On this occasion we invite you to a debate about social impact.

At Cliclab, we want to deepen and debate the importance of our activities, and how we transform ideas, projects, companies around the impact they generate on society. We will also talk about the sustainability of that impact through the environment, the economy, and the social sphere.

Likewise, we want to promote connections between sectors, origins, jobs, etc. Therefore, the round table will be followed by a networking cocktail.

The event will take place on February 8 at 6:30 p.m. at our headquarters
(Carrer Llibertat, 11).