What is a social incubator?


June 13, 2024

An incubator can be described as an ecosystem where early ideas of entrepreneurs grow and prosper. In there, startups are provided with an environment where they can find resources, mentorship, and a network to navigate the critical early stages of development. 

The concept of incubators is well known these days. However, incubators have diversified in different variations such as business, social, academic, and scientific incubators. In this context, social incubation has emerged as a relevant tool for enterprises dedicated to societal impact. 

Social impact incubators specialize in guiding startups committed to addressing societal challenges, ensuring their ventures contribute to positive social or environmental change. Unlike general incubators, social incubators focus on helping initiatives committed to addressing social, environmental, or humanitarian challenges. 

These iniatives need to learn how to develop a business plan, ensure financing and measure the impact they will have on society. To solve the challenges of the initial stages, social incubators play a key role. 

For this reason, the actions of social incubators must always aim to the following: 

  • Innovations: ideas never seen on the market should be encouraged. 
  • Add value to solutions: it is important that the businesses they promote can find effective and valuable solutions. 
  • Offer training: it is important that they can help new companies acquire the basic knowledge they need to be successful. 
  • Financing options: to make ventures aware of financing options suitable to their initiative. 
  • Networking opportunities: to improve social connections and generate new business opportunities. 


COMPASS: The Exhibition by Ademola Falomo. The Closing Party.

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Social impact, obligation or commitment?: Beyond words, real cases that are leading the change in technological innovation with impact.

We start 2024 with a new series of “round tables”!

On this occasion we invite you to a debate about social impact.

At Cliclab, we want to deepen and debate the importance of our activities, and how we transform ideas, projects, companies around the impact they generate on society. We will also talk about the sustainability of that impact through the environment, the economy, and the social sphere.

Likewise, we want to promote connections between sectors, origins, jobs, etc. Therefore, the round table will be followed by a networking cocktail.

The event will take place on February 8 at 6:30 p.m. at our headquarters
(Carrer Llibertat, 11).